7 Reasons to hire NV Interiors

February 15th, 2016

Are you struggling decorating and designing your space, well look no further! NV Interior Design Artisans has the answers to your home or office design needs….Here is how!


  • Struggling with color schemes….We are color experts and can show you what is hot and what is not.
  • Window treatment design and fabrics have you thrown for a loop….We carry our own lines of fabrics and design right on the spot.
  • New home? …struggling with furniture placement?  At NV we stage homes, and can show you how to select new pieces of furniture or make your current furniture look its very best.
  • Tired of your old look within your home and want a new look…We can shop with you, help you accessorize, perhaps even add some new accent walls or colorful drapery fabric and re-stage to make your space feel brand new.
  • Do you know a realtor that is struggling with a listing…Not only can we stage for the realtor, we can help the client better understand what the realtor is trying to do for them. Realtors who combine their ” How to” with the NV “Know how” get the sale!!
  • Is your room dark and you can’t even read a magazine…Here at NV we offer unique lighting design packages to brighten any space.
  • Do you know someone that has everything and needs nothing….Give them the gift of “eNVy” .  Yes, we offer gift certificates that include one to two hours of fun design time.  We can take a home or office space to the next level and turn it into something that others will “eNVy”.