Colleen Samuels


Colleen has been an interior design artisan for 22 years, working on a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces. She worked as an Assistant Designer on the set of an NBC pilot for an early version of a Gosselin reality show Home Delivery. And, Colleen also had the unique privilege of leading a design team as a Supervisor on a recent episode ofExtreme Makeover: Home Edition.

As NV’s primary artisan, Colleen puts her passion for unique and inspired design into every job that she takes on. Not only is Colleen the person you see at the planning phase of a project before the first paintbrush hits the wall or the first piece of fabric is sewn but she’s the one who shows up every day to get her hands dirty and make sure the work is done with the utmost artistic dedication and creative integrity.

When Colleen is not busy working as an artisan, she can be found spending quality time at home with her husband and two sons.